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A Three-Year Program for Men Aspiring to Pastoral Ministry, Church Planting, and Missions.

Intensive theological training.
In the context of the local church.

We are convinced that the responsibility of training and equipping qualified pastors/elders, missionaries, and church planters rests squarely on the shoulders of the local church. In 2 Timothy 2 the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy, "And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also." Grace Theological Institute exists to accomplish this task as we seek to raise up leaders in a theologically rigorous residency-based training program that is delivered in the context of the local church.


The Institute is a three-year program of study that combines classroom instruction, self-directed learning, cohort studies, and intensive pastoral mentorship to help students gain a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures and Christian doctrine, hone their skills in pastoral ministry, and prepare for the varied demands of leading and serving the local church as faithful under-shepherds of Jesus Christ.


Our Priorities:

Robust Biblical Scholarship

A Thoroughly Pastoral Approach

Experiential Application

An Emphasis on Godly Character

For the Local Church

Three-Year Diploma in
Pastoral Theology

A residency-based approach to training pastors in the local church. All for the glory of Christ.



Year One of the Institute emphasizes exegetical studies in the New Testament, with an introduction to systematic, historical, and pastoral theology. 

  • Hermeneutics

  • New Testament Introduction I

  • New Testament Introduction II

  • Systematic Theology I​

  • Historical Theology I

  • Elementary Greek I

  • Elementary Greek II

  • Pastoral Theology I

  • Expository Preaching I




Grace Theological Institute maintains the following admission requirements for all students:

  • Local Students: Membership at Grace Fellowship Church Edmonton

  • Distance Students: Membership at a doctrinally sound local church of like faith and practice.

  • Full agreement with our doctrinal statement.

  • Demonstration of Christian maturity and aspirations for pastoral ministry.

  • Local church support and recommendation for theological studies.

  • An eagerness to study God’s Word and to serve Christ’s church.


Local Applicants: Internal applicants, who are members of Grace Fellowship Church, may express interest to the elders in writing. Applicants will be enrolled in the Institute after an interview and recommendation from the elders.

Distance Applicants: Distance applicants must complete the Grace Theological Institute application form, including essay questions, and two reference letters. Following the submission of these documents, an interview will be arranged to discuss enrolment.

Class Audits

Local and distance students are welcome to audit individual classes as space allows. To inquire about auditing a class, please contact us by email.


Grace Theological Institute does not charge any tuition or fees for participation in the program; however, students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and software. Students should anticipate a total cost of approximately $1,750 for textbooks over the three-year course of study.

Image by Mitchell Leach

“Get all the education you can. Drinking everything your teachers can possibly impart to you. While in Bible college, it will take time to absorb all that is in them, but you should endeavour to learn all you can. Believe me, a lack of education can hinder the work of soul winning.”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon


Grace Theological Institute is a ministry of

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